Malta – Mdina

Maybe I shouldn’t wait an entire year to blog trips because now I barely remember the names of all the beautiful things we saw. Oops.img_7305img_7307

On the day we visited the ancient city of Mdina, there was a massive windstorm. The walled city sits on a hill so is naturally a bit colder than the rest of Malta. However, with the 30+ mph winds, it was freezing. And we were totally unprepared which made for a rather quick and cold trip. Still, it was a really beautiful place to see and was made even more memorable by the fact that no cars are allowed on the streets.img_7306-copyimg_7309-copyimg_7311-copy

After seeing how narrow the roads were, this made sense. Mdina is referred to as “the silent city” and it certainly had a more serious or somber feel to it. I was apparently a bit taken with all the doors and may have photographed every single one in going back through my photos. img_7315-copyimg_7317-copyimg_7337-copy-copyimg_7330-copy

The visual textures were unbelievable from the exteriors of the buildings, the stone streets, and especially inside the churches. This is the Carmelite Church and with all the gold detailing, it practically glowed inside. img_7318-copyimg_7319-copy

Lena begged Jason for a horse ride and because he is a complete and utter sucker for that little girl, we found ourselves down €40. Seriously, what a sucker. It was so windy during the ride that the driver closed the curtains to protect us so we barely even saw anything. Lena couldn’t have cared less; she was just chuffed to be riding in a carriage.img_7331img_7327-copy

On the way back to our hotel, we found a cab and the driver offered to take us on a special tour of Malta. No extra charge; he just really wanted to show us what it was all about. This seemed to be a common theme with everyone we met. They went out of their way to be hospitable and were really proud of their country. He took us to an artisan village where we saw glassblowers and gift shops before calling it a day. img_7353-copy-copyimg_7340-copy

I don’t have pictures of this part, but after returning to the hotel, Jason booked me in for a THREE HOUR SPA TREATMENT. Keep in mind, he had just returned from a seven month deployment, so this was my first break in a long time. I nearly cried tears of joy. It was absolutely glorious and included a full-body massage and facial treatment. I think I’ll keep him.img_7345-copy


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