Ireland: Charles Fort

Thanks to our dual GPS systems, we made it to our next hotel with no major issues. The man working reception was a wealth of knowledge and joy (truly, I’ve never met a happier person) and recommended we make a trip to Charles Fort just above Kinsale. Despite it being late October, we lucked out with warm sunshine and blue skies to top off this gorgeous view.IMG_6457IMG_6458IMG_6460IMG_6459IMG_6462IMG_6463

Charles Fort overlooks Kinsale Harbor with history dating back to the 1600’s. We learned that it was built in a star design which makes it stand strong against cannon attacks.IMG_6468IMG_6464IMG_6471IMG_6470IMG_6476

These are some of my most favorite photos I’ve ever taken. Between the perfect morning light and incredible textured backgrounds, there wasn’t a bad shot to be had. It didn’t hurt that my models were pretty cute, too.IMG_6478IMG_6484IMG_6482IMG_6486IMG_6490

I have a confession to make here. Before I met Jason, I had ZERO plans of ever getting married and I was definitely not going to have kids. I was adamantly opposed to the mere idea and no one was going to change my mind. Wouldn’t you know that just seven months after we got married, I found out I was pregnant and had a major meltdown on the kitchen floor? I was utterly terrified and pretty sure my life had just ended. If only I could go back in time and show that crazy girl these photos. How insane was I to not want all this?! I am so thankful God had other plans for me.IMG_6495IMG_6492IMG_6488IMG_6496

I just love these people.IMG_6499IMG_6502IMG_6510IMG_6517

Before we left, we let Lena have a go with my Canon. She’s become quite the little photographer; managing to keep her horizon lines fairly straight and framing things impressively well for only being four years old. It’s so fun to see things through her eyes. IMG_6519IMG_6520

I am so glad we decided to check this place out. Charles Fort was just magical.


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