June 2015 Recap

While all our American friends were kicking off summer break, we were still in full swing with school, festivals, and end-of-year festivities. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the British schedule where the last day of school comes at the end of July but having completed a full year now, I definitely see it’s advantages.

Our first festival in June was the Wool Fair at Ickworth. We met up with some friends where the kids were treated to live sheep shearing, handmade ice cream, and a performance by a knock-off Princess Elsa. I’ve never seen such a large group of children so quiet. It was as if they had all been hypnotized and quite frankly, it was a bit unnerving. Aksel may have been the only one unfazed by the entire ordeal though, to be fair, he was asleep in the Ergo for the majority of it.

IMG_3999IMG_4002 IMG_4001 IMG_4009

The following weekend was the Dragon Festival at West Stow Anglo Saxon Village. I’ve been meaning to visit for a few years now and just have never made it but having now been, I think this would make a really fun day out for elementary aged kids or anyone who is a history buff. On this particular visit, there were live demonstrations of all sorts. Everything from musicians to weavers, and even some open air theater. Lena had fun exploring the various structures and participating in the dragon-themed activities while Aksel, as usual, just smiled and basically forced me to take way too many pictures of him. At one point, a large crowd gathered to see a baby T-Rex which was surprisingly realistic. Lena was very serious about the entire thing and ultimately decided she did not like it in the least bit and insisted we leave the area. She rarely gets scared of anything as she likes to be brave so she wouldn’t actually admit she was nervous.

IMG_4393IMG_4374 IMG_4377 IMG_4376 IMG_4379 IMG_4382IMG_4383IMG_4385IMG_4389IMG_4390

And finally, at the end of the month, the end-of-year festivities came along in full force. First up was Wacky Hair Day and as my munchkin is a bit lacking in that department, I had to get creative. So we created a rainbow out of construction paper and cotton balls. There is hair inside the arch though you can’t actually see it.


Sports Day was the final event of the month and was just brilliant. The school had set up all sorts of stations for the kids and they were free to have a go at whatever looked fun. Some of them were timed, others were tallied, and it all culminated in group races. The egg and spoon race was a particular highlight as Lena was the first to cross the finish line. However, she forgot that the goal was to balance the egg in the spoon rather than just hold it in her hands and run as fast as possible. So she was disqualified in that one. And she really didn’t stand much of a chance in the sprints as her legs are a solid six inches shorter than everyone else. She’s mini compared to her classmates but that didn’t stop her from having fun.

IMG_4414 IMG_4430 IMG_4470 IMG_4484 IMG_4696

On top of all that, I ambitiously volunteered myself to design a yearbook for the preschool. I also ended up taking all the individual portraits, hall of fame photos, and theme-day pictures. I somehow managed to finish it in time to be distributed the last week of school – 44 color pages of happy, goofy children and a year’s worth of memories. Not too shabby! I feel almost as triumphant as this little athlete.



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