Maternity Photos

Before I forget to post them, here are some maternity photos that my cousin, Laila Eva, took while I was home. I was about 22 weeks here so basically double the belly size and you can get a sense of what I look like now! She is so talented and I am in love with these photos. The outdoor ones were taken behind my parents’ house where I spent many days playing as a kid. How she managed to make it look so pretty is beyond me because it’s basically a gravel path with a bunch of weeds. And the indoor photos were taken at her parent’s house in front of the closet. We were just having fun joking around and thankfully, she didn’t provide the outtakes of me pretending to be in a Cover Girl commercial and looking like a completely nerd. Laila Eva, I love you and these pictures, too. Thank you so much for making magic yet again!

IMG_7083 IMG_7116 IMG_7591 IMG_7612 IMG_7615 IMG_7616 IMG_7625 IMG_7631 IMG_7643


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