For our final day in Belgium, we did a quick tour of Ghent. I had made a short list of a few places we really wanted to visit including a mustard factory, an 8-generation candy shop, and a local meatball restaurant called Balls of Glory. Unfortunately, we somehow forgot that most of Europe shuts down on Sundays so all the places we had hoped to see were closed. However, we did happen upon a great little outdoor market with all sorts of random treasures just waiting to be discovered.

IMG_0008 IMG_0009

The architecture and colors of Ghent were truly beautiful and I so wish we had been able to experience it all when everything was open. After two full days of exploring, Lena was done playing tourist and becoming increasingly uncooperative by the minute.

IMG_0010 IMG_0014

While she may look jovial in these photos, they were actually snapped mid-whine; don’t let the face fool you. Rather than make all of us miserable, we decided to shorten our tour of the city and do a quick drive by of the major sites before heading back to the car. With a sleeping toddler in the backseat, we took our time driving back to the Chunnel, stopping at a few places for snacks and drinks plus a few potty breaks for the preggo.

IMG_0017 IMG_0024 IMG_0026

All in all, it was a great extended weekend and we’re already planning our next cross-border trip!

IMG_0030 IMG_0032


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