Time, like my toddler, is perpetually running away from me.


I’m not sure when it happened, but suddenly my little girl has become an independent, chatty, and utterly hilarious tiny person. She is truly no longer a baby and really, I’m not sure she can even be classified as a toddler anymore.  She is suddenly eating all sorts of foods (this is the girl who survived on my breastmilk for the first 18 months of life), asking to go to bed and staying there for several hours at a time (this is the girl who slept 2 hour stretches, maximum), and giving me a descriptive, running commentary of the world around her (this is the girl who could not be understood by anyone but me until recently). Wahhh!!!! It’s almost too much to take. And this past week, she was officially potty trained and signed up for preschool. Next thing I know, she’ll be asking for the car keys.


Before she goes off and leaves me forever, I want to remember the way things are right now; create a photo time capsule of life with Lena as a 2.5 year old. And hopefully, someday, she can look back on it and see that I love her beyond logic or explanation.


Mornings: organic oatmeal and horses. Every.single.day.

IMG_7635 IMG_7640


Walks around the village, to the park, or just to visit the “Buck-Bucks.”

IMG_8271 IMG_8331 IMG_8257 IMG_8214


There’s always at least one temper tantrum through out the day (from each of us) followed by the stare down and then hugs, kisses, and giggles.

IMG_8242 IMG_8306 IMG_8335 IMG_8359


In just a few short months, she’ll be heading down this path to play with her preschool friends rather than to spend time with Mama at the park.


That’s when I’ll come home, cry, and stare at these pictures all over again.


I have no worries about this confident little gal. She is super social, kind, and very easy going. I am so lucky to get to spend my days with her.




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