Happy 20th Laila Eva!

My youngest cousin, Laila Eva, is turning 20 years old today. Holy canoli. I watched her being born and can still remember it vividly. And despite the fact that she’s 11 years younger than me, I look up to her. 

In honor of her big day, Tor and I wrote a horribly cheesy rap song. After listening to this, I’m sure you’ll agree I should stick to playing the violin. The Bacon Bit even makes a small appearance at the end of the song. 

Just to explain a bit, Laila Eva is supermodel gorgeous and skinny yet eats like Andre the Giant. We were trying to record a family fiddle album and in the middle of it, she randomly exclaimed that she wanted to make waffles. It’s been five years and we’re all still laughing about it. Tor is a genius and managed to work that little sound byte into the song. Her boyfriend really could be Justin Beiber’s twin but he hates when we mention it so obviously that had to be included as well. And finally, Laila is an incredible photographer – check out some of her work here:


I’m ridiculously proud of this obnoxious track and have been so anxious for her to hear it. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it. 

Happy Birthday, Hot Mama!



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