I went to a yoga class today with my cousin, Tor. There were four other people in the class; all of them really nice, older English women. We were at least 3 or 4 decades younger than them. So I was really confused when the smell of onions wafted into my nostrils during the relaxation warm up. Surely these women didn’t smell that bad!?

I took another deep breath in… (onions)… and out… and in… (more onion smell)… and out. Then I opened my eyes and saw that Tor had removed his sweatshirt. I spent the entire hour and a half class breathing in his armpit stink. 

So Tor, if you’re reading this, first and foremost, wash your pits. You have your own bathroom here and you are welcome to use it as regularly as you’d like. There’s extra soap in the hall closet. I even have washcloths for scrubbing; we can just burn it after you’re done. Just because you’ve lived in Europe for the past four years doesn’t mean you have to smell like it. 


Your cuzzy


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