Good luck with your studies!

The Sarge has a big test coming up in about a month and if he passes, he’ll move up in rank. It will mean a big jump in pay and a better spot at work so he’s extremely motivated to do well. The test covers some of the most snore-inducing material I have ever read and I’m not sure how he’s able to trudge through it. I read one paragraph that detailed the number of inches your name badge needs to be in relation to your lapel and then I stopped so as not to waste any more of my day. 

Now that we have internet, he’s been able to study and take practice tests on the computer. So each night after work, the Sarge will log a couple hours study time. Tor decided to offer up a little encouragement and left this lovely montage as the desktop.


The next night, Lena got in on the fun. The goal is obviously to make the ugliest, most obnoxious collage possible.


I think we’ve reached our goal pretty well.


With this type of cheering squad, there’s no doubt he’ll ace the test.


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