Stroller sorrows

One of my goals before we moved to England was to get out and walk more. Lena and I both seem to be more calm and patient with one another if we get some fresh air and a change in scenery. So for Christmas, my mom gifted us a big chunk of money towards buying a new stroller. I wasn’t sure what specific stroller I wanted but I knew it needed a raincover and a footmuff (basically a sleeping bag that clips in to keep the baby warm) so we could still get outside even when the weather was crummy. I started paying attention to what other parents were pushing around and asked a few people where they had purchased their “buggies.”

Most people directed us to a store called Mothercare so a couple weeks ago, we took a quick trip to London to check it out. It’s sort of a cross-mix of Babys’r’us and Toys’r’us. They have pretty much anything you could ever want or need when it comes to pregnancy and kids. The stroller section was overwhelming to say the least but I spotted a couple brands I recognized and took a look at those first. And then, I passed out from sticker shock. Strollers are serious business here – they started around $500 and quickly went up and beyond $1000. Granted, most of them are nicer than the car we drive and come with unending configurations for one baby, two babies, newborn, toddler, etc. We picked the Graco Evo but had to get it shipped to us as they weren’t in stock.

Look! A box!

Look! A box!

I’d been so excited and anxious for the new stroller to get here and on Saturday, it finally showed up.

Ready to be assembled - yes, I'm a dork

Ready to be assembled – yes, I’m a dork

Lena helped me get it unpacked and put together and we even went for a test ride in the house.

All fun and games

All fun and games

She smiled and giggled and all was well. I went to bed excited for all our stroller adventures…

Another favorite game - pushing things around the room

Another favorite game – pushing things around the room

After church on Sunday, we thought it would be nice just to walk around Cambridge and look at the old buildings. We unpacked the car, got the stroller all set up and set Lena into it. She proceeded to lose her mind; screaming and bucking as if she were being attacked by hornets. She HATED it and refused to get in. We were in a giant carpark so letting her walk wasn’t an option and holding her in our arms would be about as easy as trying to wrestle a greased pig. So in the stroller she went. She screamed off and on through the entire mall, onto High Street and until we found a lunch spot a block or two down the road. So fun. After we ate, we attempted putting her in the stroller one more time with even less luck than before and far more spectators.

I had hoped to take a bunch of pictures of Lena sightseeing in her new ride but that obviously didn’t pan out. It’s past 2 o’clock now and she still hasn’t had a nap so I think we’re going to try the stroller game again. If she still refuses, I may just sit in it and let her push me around while I cry. I’ve run out of ideas at this point!


My little diva has decided she actually does like her new stroller and has fallen asleep in it. We just finished an hour walk and I got a few pictures on my iPhone. The quality isn’t the best but you can see one of the churches I like to walk past. Tor was on his way back from the city center so we met up with him on the way and he explored the churchyard with me. I’m not sure when it was built but most of the gravestones showed dates from the 1800s. Isn’t it pretty?!

Thank you for my new stroller, Mormor!

Thank you for my new stroller, Mormor!

Cozy and warm and taking a snooze

Cozy and warm and taking a snooze

Architectural detail from the church

Architectural detail from the church


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