Grayson James

When people find out I live 3000 miles from my family, they almost always ask if I get homesick. Nothing against the great state of Washington, but I’m pretty content where I’m at. However, I REALLY wanted to be back home this past Tuesday to the point I was about to hop on a plane so I could be with these lovely ladies.

Meet Tricia and Alicia

These girls have been in my life since elementary school and I love them dearly. We survived the awkwardness of middle school, boys in high school and the wild days of college. Tricia and I were co-maids of honor (or best women as we called it) in Alicia’s wedding. And I would have been the same at Tricia’s wedding except I had just popped out the bacon bit 7 days before. There’s a bond that can’t be broken when you’ve been friends that long. Or it could be the fact that you have horribly embarrassing photos and stories of one another; who knows.

Anyway, on Tuesday morning, Tricia called and told me her water had broken. She was feeling good but getting nervous about actually birthing her baby. We talked and I tried my best to be encouraging then told her to keep me posted. Then I talked to Alicia and we squealed over how excited we were. She was headed to the hospital and promised to send pictures and updates.

I didn’t expect to be so emotional about missing the birth of Tricia’s little boy. I wanted to be there so badly; waiting on texts and phone calls left me feeling helpless. With each update, I would flashback to my own birth experience. I knew how physically and mentally exhausted she was feeling and wished I could be there to encourage her and rub her back.

Little Grayson was born at 8:30pm and I loved him as soon as I saw the picture of his squishy little face and chubby cheeks. I was so incredibly proud of my best bud for bringing him into the world and could see how in love she was. Nothing compares to Mama Love – it is fierce and untouchable and euphoric. I may not be able to spoil my new “nephew” in person but I will love him to pieces through prayer, Skype and lots of fun goodies sent from England!


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