Mayberry Days 2012

RIP Andy Griffith

When we first started dating, the Sarge introduced me to the Andy Griffith show. I hated it and he loved it. I made the mistake of buying him a season of the show for his birthday and the rest is history. We are now the proud owners of the Andy Griffith show boxset in addition to all the made-for-tv movies, reunion shows and even “Murder In Cowetta County” starring Andy Griffith and Johnny Cash. It’s as bad as it sounds, I promise.

The Bacon Bit has been exposed to The Andy Griffith show since she was in my belly as The Sarge watches at least one episode a day. She has apparently come under the same spell as her daddy because she will stop everything she’s doing if she catches a glimpse of a tv screen showing the Mayberry Gang. It’s so bad, in fact, that if she is throwing a tantrum, all you have to do is whistle the theme song and she becomes transfixed. This comes in handy during long car rides.

Andy Griffith passed away earlier this year so the Sarge was devastated, as you can imagine. He started planning our trek to Mecca aka Mayberry Days as soon as he got the news and this weekend, we arrived in the promised land. According to the website;

Mayberry Days is a festival for the whole family with activities and events for the fans who long for the days when life was simple and the sheriff didn’t carry a gun. Enjoy a bottle of pop while playing checkers, relax to music from many local bands playing the same songs that Andy grew up with and performed on The Andy Griffith Show. There is so much to do during the festival such as watching the parade, meeting the Special Guests, laughing at Colonel Tim’s Talent Time, placing the high bid at a Silent Auction or taking in all of the music at the many venues. Remember to to take time to slow down and enjoy what Mayberry means to you.

While we didn’t make it to all the events, we were able to see the parade…which meant leaving our house at 5am during a tornado warning. That is dedication, folks. The Bacon Bit seemed to enjoy herself and the Sarge was in heaven. I was along to take pictures and people watch but admittedly, I did have fun, too. So without further ado, here is a photo recap of our (second) trip to Mayberry Days!

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