Non-domestic diva

I can’t cook.

A lot of people say that when what they really mean is that they’re not very good at it. I say it and mean it – I truly can not cook. Thankfully, the Sarge loves to cook so I don’t have to exist on PB & Js; however, he’s going TDY for a week and I’m starting to get nervous. My last three attempts at cooking were a train wreck. First, I pulled some garlic bread out of the oven and somehow placed the baking sheet on the burners. I swear I didn’t turn the burner on but either way, the kitchen got filled with smoke and flames were involved. Next, I tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich to go with some Tomato Soup. That ended up burning and smoking out the kitchen so I tried to pull it off the burner quickly. I accidentally grabbed the handle too low, singed my finger and dropped the whole thing on the kitchen floor. Yes, I was pissed. And finally, as if those first two attempts weren’t bad enough, I completely charred some Minute Rice to the point that we had to declare the pot a goner.


So I’ll be making a trip to my local Trader Joe’s before the Sarge leaves us for a week. I’m hoping to find some safe food options so I don’t burn the house down while he’s gone. Also, my baby is fast approaching the 6 month mark which means I need to start feeding her something other than my teet. This scares me. I can barely feed myself; how the heck am I supposed to do this?! Pray for me friends, I need it.


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