Clean up on aisle 10

I think The Sarge and I may be turning into beach bums. We spent the last weekend with his cousins and their 4 kids at his aunt & uncle’s house. They’ve got a beautiful place on the Neuse River. Some may think that riding on a boat at 31 weeks pregnant isn’t the smartest idea but I loved it. Not sure anyone else appreciated me and my swollen belly bouncing around in a bikini at the back of the boat but oh well. If we don’t get an invite to come back, I’ll know why.

Over the course of the weekend, I got to experience firsthand just how much clean up is required when raising children. Eating requires a 10 foot radius per child of sweepable floor space due to the food particles that get flung everywhere. We had 2 poop episodes – the 1 year old left a floater in the ocean and the 3 year old went “stinky” in his pants. The Sarge helped with the 3 year old but misdiagnosed him as clean. Luckily, he realized the stinky had rolled out of the underwear and onto the bathroom floor before he sent him on his way. My favorite part of the weekend was when the 3 year old was laying down with his dad and informed him he had a mustache on his chest. I’m more than a little excited to see what nuggets of wisdom our little gal comes up with.


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